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The Man Who Would Be King of the Sauna

I know I’m not the only one that does this because my brother and I have both talked about this in the past.  That being said, my brother and I probably are not the best to weigh all other males upon as we are a bit off mentally!  What is it exactly that I’m speaking of.  It’s a little thing that happens in the Sauna.  Wait, don’t worry, its not gross, inappropriate, or any of the other things that may be going through your mind.  It’s mostly fueled by ego.  Well actually, it’s probably entirely fueled by ego.  It actually may loosely fall into what we (being my brother and a few other friends) would call a man test (Will discuss that in a future post).

So, back to the sauna.  I have this little game that I play with myself and anyone else who stumbles into the sauna.  Now, you must understand, that growing up as a halfway decent wrestler, I have spent more than my fair share of time in a sauna.  Typically the saunas that we sat in would immediately singe your nose hair, take your breath away, burn your epidermis and any other items that may come into contact with the bone dry cedar planks.  Now that I have evolved into what you might call the “middle ages” my glory is found in the sauna at my local health club.

Here’s the scenario.  I always set a mental time that I will sit in the sauna (It’s usually around 200°F).  Usually 10 minutes or so in the sauna takes the edge off of my aching bones.  Now, here’s the dilemma.  Regardless of how long I have been in the sauna 10, 15, 20 minutes or longer, if someone else is in the sauna, or comes into the sauna while I am in there, I will not leave under any conditions until they have left.

Yes, even at the detriment of me feeling like crap, I must defeat the other sauna goers at all cost.  Sitting in a pool of sweat, shriveling into a raisin, it would appear that the only thing that I can truly dominate at these days when it comes to the gym or any sporting arena is the battle of the sauna.

Am I crazy?  Does anybody else do this?  Have you been sitting across from me in the sauna wondering if you can beat me?  Am I just absolutely crazy?  There must be others out there that partake in this child like ritual?

Any ol’ who.  I’m going to let you in on the mind of a Typical Guy (which I’m giving myself some credit there) from time to time on my blog.  Fill you in on the man test.  Let you into the truly absurd things you see (and unfortunately can’t unsee) that go on in the men’s locker room (I will warn you on those days to only read when you haven’t just eaten because I’m certain you will throw up a little in your mouth).  How the typical guy thinks about life.  I suppose a behind the scenes glimpse into the head and the vision of the typical guy.  Now, if you don’t agree with me on this posting or future postings, just know that you are wrong and I am right.  That is just the way it is!


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