To Fear or Not to Fear

by / Tuesday, 24 December 2013 / Published in Building Process

We were sitting down with one of our partner companies last week and were enlightened to something that should be perhaps self evident. It really was a meet and greet more than anything, but during that conversation, she mentioned that in her experience, most people seem to shy away from the custom home building process out of fear of the unknown.

We fear things in proportion to our ignorance of them.

Christian Nestell Bostee

Again, should not have been that shocking, as anything in life that we are unfamiliar with begins the imagination on a very slippery slope that often ends up in some sort of a horrific experience. However, I believe, as I would imagine that most people do to, the fear of the unknown is nearly always far greater than the experience itself.

precipiceHow can the fear be mitigated. Due diligence would be a good starting place. Ask friends who have gone through the process what their experience was. What were the wins that they experienced with their builder and where were the areas they felt their builder could have done better (We, as in all builders, should always be striving to be better).

Examine your concerns and speak with your builder about those concerns. I think it is important to validate my clients concerns. Whether the concern (fear) is real or perceived, that perception is their reality and a quality builder should be able to guide their client through the process. Educate and assist them to an understanding that puts their mind and heart at ease.

Ideally, the builder becomes the scout, navigator, counselor, and visionary for the client. Effortlessly navigating the snags, curve balls, and obstacles that are inherent in the construction process. I’m certain for those of you who have ever been on a long hike or a long drive where you weren’t the one leading, your fears were eased as it became apparent you were traveling with a seasoned pro. And, with that being said, if you have ever been following someone who seems to be making more turns, circles, and zigzags than any person should make in a lifetime, those are the times when confidence wains and all things come into question.

Be comfortable, ask questions, enjoy the relationship, explore the relationship with vendors, and ensure you can see yourself spending a fair amount of time with your new found guide. A builder with fantastic knowledge and a poor bedside manner will make the experience less desirable. A builder with a great personality and bedside manner yet marginal skill will be a great friend right up until they get in over their head. The combination of bedside, knowledge, and professionalism sprinkled with a dash of fun will assist you in turning the corner from apprehensive pre-built or existing home purchase, to the proud one off custom creation that results from the collaborative efforts of you and your building professional.