She’s a Keeper

by / Wednesday, 13 November 2013 / Published in Off The Cuff

My oldest daughter, Rhyan, has the kindest and most tender of hearts.  She is the kind of girl that seamlessly makes a home amongst the “cool” kids and equally finds comfort and pleasure with the kids that fall into all of the other various cliques that certainly form on an elementary school playground.  Ever inquisitive, she is a child who will grow into an adult that random-acts-of-kindnessbe described as an “old soul” as she seems to have wisdom beyond her years at time.

During one of her conversations with me last week, she told me that she was going to take a boy in her class to a special event that the principal at her school holds each month for kids that have gone above and beyond in some manner at the school.  She explained to me that she could take anyone, but she wanted to take him because she knew that no one else would take him.  Going on, she explained that people liked him okay (her trying to explain that he was “different”), but the other kids just didn’t hang out with him as much.  It was a quick conversation, and I agreed with her that it would be a nice thing to do.

In speaking with my wife (KayCee) who talked to her teacher on Saturday, Rhyan followed through on her plan.  Rhyan’s teacher nearly fought back tears recounting the story to KayCee.  Yes, Rhyan had selected the boy.  And she agreed that he most likely would have never participated in the special event if he were not chosen.  Rhyan’s teacher explained to KayCee that the boy is autistic and works very hard, but also has a hard time completely fitting in.  She explained how special it was to see a very popular girl in her class invite him and that the principal and other teachers were proud of Rhyan.

Uncommon kindness is something that I know I could learn from my daughter.  I’m proud of her, and hope to learn to see life the way she does.

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